Rental of armored cars in Minsk

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Pictures of armored Mercedes S-Class

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  • rent armored car in Minsk
  • rent armored car in Minsk
  • rent armored car in Minsk
  • rent armored car in Minsk

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Armored cars for rent in Minsk

Unfortunately, there are still cases of armed attacks on the road in Minsk with the purpose of robbery and contract killings. The best protection is armored cars. Limberi is the only company in Minsk that provides armored cars for rent with a driver. Rental of armored vehicles is possible for a short time (one day for hire with driver) and for a long period. With long-term cooperation with us, we provide discounts.

As a fact, an armored car is not the cheapest pleasure. Prices for new Mercedes S-class armored cars start at $ 400,000. Expensive is not only the price of the purchase. Proportionally expensive are parts and maintenance. For example, replacement of one windshield costs about 9,000 dollars!

What is an armored car?

Rent of armored cars is an exclusive service of our company. Because we provide special class cars. The armored car outside looks like an ordinary car, but the internal design is noticeably different. There are two types of armor: factory and post-factory. In the case of factory armor, protective elements are built into the bearing surfaces of the body. Post-factory armor is used by most organizations. Before such type of armoring the customer chooses a car. After that, the car is dismantled, armored and reassembled again, preserving the details of the body and interior.

The main differences between an armored and regular car

  • Protective components are installed under the outer skin of the car and have no different from the serial ones.
  • The strengthened suspension copes with almost 70 percent increase in the mass of the car.
  • High-strength safety glass.
  • Self-sealing fuel tank.
  • Special anti-damage Michelin tires with PAX technology, allowing you to drive up to 30 km on a broken tire.

Why should an armored car be rented in Limberi?

Rent of armored cars is a service for those who really need it. We offer our customers cars, armored at the Mercedes factory, but not in the carcass atelier. We also have a VIP escort services. You get a guarantee of quality and reliability, and we, in turn, receive your satisfaction with our services. Our cars are ready at any time, but we insistently ask you to place an order in advance. The car is provided for absolutely any time. It can be one drive or a permanent job. Services are provided throughout the territory of Minsk, Minsk region, Belarus and even abroad. We can deliver you an armored car to anywhere in the CIS countries and Europe.

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