Rental of minivans in Minsk

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Sometimes it is necessary to transport a small group of people, for example, after a corporate party or to meet them at the airport. In this case a passenger car is not suitable, for such cases you may rent a minivan with a driver, only you plan when and where to go without reference to the hired driver. This very convenient option is the best for those rare cases when you urgently need a spacious car for a reasonable rental price.

Transport companies mainly lease minivans only with a driver, and it turns out that, apart from rental price, you overpay for the driver's services. Of course, you’re to decide what is more convenient. If you rent a minivan with a driver, take into account that, firstly, you won’t be able to save money, secondly, human factor, thirdly, impossibility of private conversations in the car.

Minivan rental with a driver in Minsk

We provide minivan rental services with a driver not only for companies but also for individuals, they’re mainly ordered for:

  • Going out into nature
  • Meeting and send off at the airports and railway stations
  • Participation in wedding motorcades, guests delivery after celebration
  • Transportation of small loads
  • Transportation of disabled people

As you see, the scope of minivan application is quite vast and these are not all the cases. Minivan rental with a driver is an independence from the hired driver’s solutions, as well as the possibility of choosing the transport of a certain configuration. All vehicles undergo strict control and check of malfunctions before rental. Our managers will always consult you and select a car suitable for your needs.

Popular minivans in Minsk:

Mercedes V-class
6 places
from 35 $
Mercedes V-class
4.8 (54)
Mercedes Viano
7 places
from 20 $
Mercedes Viano
4.6 (16)
Mercedes Vito
7 places
from 30 $
Mercedes Vito
4.5 (18)
Volkswagen T5 Multivan
6+1 places
from 25 $
Volkswagen T5 Multivan
4.6 (9)
Volkswagen Caravelle
7+1 places
from 23 $
Volkswagen Caravelle
4.4 (11)
Citroen C8
4 places
from 13 $
Citroen C8
4.5 (14)
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“Limberi” is one of the leading rental companies working with premium cars. We’re working at the market more than 10 years. Thanks to many positive reviews, both from private individuals and from large organizations, the company has gained a positive image and loyalty from customers. More
Conditions of rental without driver:

  • For expensive cars required experience: at least 2 years
  • Minimum stay: 1 night
  • Mileage not more than 350 km / day

The conditions of hire with driver:

Excerpt from the Treaty:

The customer undertakes to submit a written application for the carriage of groups of passengers not more than 5 (five) calendar days prior to travel..... More

We accept payment for transportation services by cash, by credit card and by means of electronic settlement means.


Our Fleet of Vehicles
luxury car hire
for 10, 13, 20 places
2015, from 80 BYN
V-class, Sprinter
G-class, BMW
from 49 places
GAZ ZIM, BMW from $60
Promotional car
Cadillac Escalade Versace
Cadillac Escalade Versace
20 places from 60 $, 30%
Mercedes w222 s350
Mercedes w222 s350
4 places from 30 $, 20%
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